Campaign Consulting & Management

As a full-service firm, we have the in-house expertise to develop and execute comprehensive strategies for our clients. Our strategies are rooted in research, built by decades of experience, and carried out with one goal – to win.

By full-service, we mean deep experience with:

  • Budgeting and calendar management
  • Organizing and deploying volunteers
  • Managing vendors such as printers, phone banks, graphic designers, etc.
  • Copy writing for speeches, debates and advertising
  • Debate prep and public speaking coaching

Government Relations & Issue Management

We start by helping our clients determine the critical path forward for success. Is the solution regulatory or legislative? At which committee, agency or board should we start? Which jurisdiction(s)? Who is the REAL decision-maker for an issue, etc.? We then use our strategic relationships with leaders in local government, state legislatures, Congress and the executive branch to advance our client’s agenda. We use our deep knowledge of the local, state and federal regulatory processes. We develop communications strategies to help companies resist and overcome pressures generated by advocacy groups while keeping their eyes fixed on their long-term organizational goals. We manage the total outreach effort.

Strategic Communication & Media Relations

We provide full-service media relations capabilities including crisis media management, media training, messaging, and direct outreach to reporters and editors.

A communications plan with a strong, authentic message informs media strategy, paid communications, digital strategy, and even field organizing. You need to nail it, and we’ll help you do it. We can build a strategic communications program from the ground-up or coordinate your messaging with existing communication efforts. We will develop the plan, establish metrics for success, build the necessary online platforms and create collateral materials.

Public Involvement

We coordinate the wide range of public involvement activities for government agencies, industry coalitions and infrastructure improvement projects.

Coalition Building

Vocal support among independent and third-party voices at the local or national levels can make or break any public affairs effort. We have decades of experience building and managing coalitions to elevate the voices of national, regional and local champions around the issues that matter most to our clients.

Pilot Strategies will use our far-reaching professional networks to quickly identify new allies and build the organizational framework needed to mobilize stakeholders across a host of industries, shift the debate on key issues and recruit leaders from business, civic, labor and political circles.

Whether we are building a new coalition or stepping in to manage one that has been in place for years, we have a singular focus: helping our clients achieve their objectives. No matter what the issue, we can deliver a plan to bring influencers to the table and reach target audiences through voices that are important to them.

Community Grassroots & Grasstops Organizing

From candidate campaigns to issue advocacy to corporate community engagement work, we bring both expertise and a fundamental belief in people power to developing a grassroots organizing strategy. Standing behind each team, we bring seamless, centralized management, integrated with digital capabilities to keep supporters engaged online – and on the ground.

We manage multi-state public affairs campaigns, conduct high-level media relations, plan news-making events and initiate broad-based grassroots advocacy efforts, as well as engage in influencer recruitment and 3rd party advocacy to bring pressure to bear on policy makers.

Crisis Communication

The 24/7 news cycle leaves little room for error when it comes to navigating a crisis. Whether it’s an unfortunate tweet or an industrial accident, a slow or careless response can make any situation worse. Most important, we prepare our clients to navigate tough situations before a crisis strikes, not after it’s too late. We create smart, tailored plans designed to bring teams of all sizes into alignment with senior leaders and legal counsel – ensuring they are prepared to mitigate any potential damage by immediately advancing a thoughtful, consistent message.

That means designating key spokespeople, preparing background material on controversial topics, and establishing a chain of command that can adapt quickly to changing circumstances. We also help clients practice putting these plans into action by developing simulations that mirror real-life, complete with media inquiries and internal communication challenges. And when a crisis does occur, our team is on-call to help every client preserve their brand and their reputation. We are crisis specialists who can serve as on-the-record spokespeople, and we know how to quickly train in-house staff to deliver winning messages in high-stakes scenarios.